OP208 - Bring memories Back to your Consciousness


Hello Son,

Bring memories Back to your Consciousness

Ignorance is simply, not knowing about something; or better definition is, bringing into your own conscious awareness.

As soon as we start acquainting a topic and come into contact through our senses, a connection is made from our higherself.

A signal is sent from the senses to the soul; the soul from our higherself sends a signal to the spirit which responds immediately back to the higherself. Now through prolonged interaction from our senses more and more signals are being sent, which in turn are fed back into a flood of information.

The more we focus on the same subject, the more information goes through to our conscious awareness. Now we know, feeling is expressed from our logic mind.

Every person has the same mind and the same conscious, subconscious, high self and spiritual awareness; we are made from the same formulae so we are identical to another in blue print from another person, some else on the planet.

The only difference is knowledge and how we are accessing information.

If a person has not read something about a topic then it has not been accessed through its conscious senses so is ignorant; but soon as he knows then the connection with the subject topic has been made, then we simply know.

Beloved light beings we simply go through whatever means is acquainted and familiarise ourselves to wake up fully into the path of spiritual awareness.

The more we learn, the further we get on the path of enlightenment. Have high aspiration and demand to get a millions miles into your journey, do not settle for less when the Creator wants you to progress higher and higher.

Your mother; we have discussed many topics and written thousands of thousands of words, we hope you give thanks to the person who is providing the information and the Creator for His love.