OP207 - You have found your Path


Hello Son,

You have found your Path

There is confusion in some of you which the mind keeps rethinking the same thoughts; which is, am I been guided?

Out of curiosity you have led yourself to various internet or book sources; have you asked yourself how you did this?

No matter, whether you are aware or not, the higherself is guiding you, it is taking action to make sure what you want is done; for example, finding information or teaching oneself.

The higher self on countless occasions serves your best interest and takes matters into its own hands by increasing the urge to follow a certain route or line of inquiry. It keeps on resurfacing the same thoughts over and over again until without knowing, you carry out this action.

Wisdom increases when our curiosity increases to such an extent that our minds become silent and one's open awareness increases. When this happens we automatically become aware of any sources that relate to one's topic of focus. So we look out for clues in our daily life.

(We remind you that knowing oneself is the secret of all knowledge leading to the Divine library of cosmic awareness.)

When curiosity reaches a certain higher level, then action becomes imminent and we simply must know; so a person goes out into a searching mode finding answers for your unanswered questions.

Some of you reading this will say, I know this, but I say how do you know.

When you came to this website, you were not expecting to read this channelling on this topic. Yet when you start reading these words the topic becomes open into your own minds which you can relate to quite easily.

Whatever knowledge or teaching we are trying to learn or access, it is all about remembering because it is all accessible from the higherself. Mankind needs only be familiar with the subject to find the correct subject to learn.

This familiarity is crucial to learning. Because throughout our life we build a portfolio of experiences of our life into our minds, when the time arises we access them for our needs or wants.
The key word is familiarity, we must have some knowledge of a topic to learn, otherwise blind learning will take place and nothing will be learnt. When this happens, frustration will turn to anger.

You are all being guided so there is no need to feel differently to others who know that they are.

Now is the time to sit down and follow your own spiritual path and see where your own personal interest lies.

The knowledge of the Divine library is huge and no one person can know everything; it is the very reason dear beloved light beings that there are so many teachers with their own interests, who have written countless articles for your pleasure.

Have faith, rid the doubt and start enjoying yourselves when the truth is available.

Your mother; you are guided and loved by the Divine spark within you; everything is possible.