OP206 - Living in Spiritual Awareness


Hello Son,

Living in Spiritual Awareness

Many of you are becoming increasingly aware of what is happening around you and on the news, you are too aware of the increasing changes in people and what they need or want.

We too need to understand or own cravings and the actions we do in our daily lives.

To walk the path, we do not want to add negative energies to our surroundings in what we do or say; instead watch and observe it through your own spiritual awareness. This observation without communicating is the first phase; simply we are thinking it through without making a sudden judgement.

By doing so we nullify the ego which can easily amplify a situation ten fold by shouting things out without thinking it through.

Living in spiritual awareness is observing life using our higher consciousness and our connections with the Godself. If we are uncertain or worried about something we ask our consciousness listening at the same time in silence, for answers.

Often we are faced with challenging situations, but there is silence in that moment too.

For example in your life, about twenty five years ago you were attacked by a person who was high on drugs. In that chaotic moment and madness of a fight, you without knowing silenced your mind and remained calm, even when the first punch was thrown.

Within this silence came immediate guidance to hold him and push him down, you did this immediately, then you had the upper hand; even though the person was stronger than you. Then your friends came running to teach him a lesson.

At that time you were not as spiritually aware as you were now, but you instinctively made the right call to listen to your higher consciousness and by remaining calm.

Even in chaos and emotional upheaval guidance is always there as long as we live in the moment of our own spiritual awareness.

Your mother; the words are filled with spiritual energy and scent to those who read this channelling. The example we gave in your life was for this very moment to share with others.