OP205 - Positive and Negative wave Emissions


Hello Son,

Positive and Negative wave Emissions

The body is surrounded by a universal energy field which we call the Aura; this is a multicoloured light energy which responds to our emotional, physical and spiritual moods. Some aura readers can tell the moods and health of a person just by looking into the Aura.

This universal field also contributes to the planetary universal field; that is if we are angry then we emit a ripple of this anger to our surroundings. This is the very reason most people by looking at a person know instinctively know their emotions and mood. They without knowing can feel this negative energy and this can bring about the same response onto us.

Similarly when someone is happy, then he too can feel this vibration.

A person walking the path is advised to be careful with his negative emotions and what he says; because he will add this energy to the cosmic ethers of its surroundings.

Even feeling sorry for someone, we can actually amplify this energy tenfold to the atmosphere by crying and then telling someone else. This is not easy it is the very reason one has to have a total grip of one's emotions.

We have seen this example in sages and enlightened teachers who have such a control of what they say and what they do. They are aware of this and are careful not to spread negative vibes or energies to the surrounding cosmos. He chooses his words carefully and is polite; he is an example of a full enlightened being.

This also includes what we read and write, as energy is also emitted from the response. On occasions it can give someone a shock that is clearly shown on someone’s face; then another person sees the face and enquires. If that person is surrounded by many people then they will greatly amplify this emotion to its surrounding.

We are aware on occasions it cannot be helped; so we are not discussing severe cases, for example the death of a loved one.

The spiritual path is a path of conduct and knowing the environment; this also means being partial and not overreacting in situations, when there was no need.

What we do not want to do is cause an unnecessary ripple that others will feel. It is the very reason the dark lords of this world has used fear to rule the world. For instance shock or even fear in horror films; after watching a film we emit the same feelings to our surroundings, and then if we discuss these further, more emissions are given off.

However, a person can discuss a situation without emitting negative vibes; this is when he chooses his words carefully and is positive, such that we too feel its energy.

We are aware that to say something about a situation, can be said in a variety of ways.

In this climate and with so many people awakening to the truth, many can now see and feel the positive vibes in people because they have so much love emitting from their aura.

Your mother; love is the strongest wave energy emitted and when added with a smile it can be amplified.