OP204 - Cellular Activation and Your Conscious Action


Hello Son,

Cellular Activation and Your Conscious Action

The Creator marvelled at His creation of man; whom He regarded as His best creation. The mind is an incredible tool and its managerial role is nothing but incredible to maintain the conscious body to the subconscious and higher self.

The thoughts in our mind activate the rest of the body into action. The cells are the first to receive thoughts and they come to life, encouraging a reaction for you to do the action, as a direct result of your thinking.

Energy not only comes to the mind but it is diverted into all the cells to energise. More importantly the complete process is filled into the cells, from the resources to completing the job.

For example, if we think about making a table, the thought comes into the mind and works out the complete plan. From resources needed to final design and completion.

However, if we are not fully tuned then we can expect to get an incomplete plan and only a few stages of the project. As a result the work could take longer than it is expected.

The next phase is the cellular stage when light is manifested into all the cells and the body comes alive. We have all experienced these emotions when we are excited about doing something and we find we have a abundant amount of energy. This is because of the enthusiasm of the person and the rejuvenation caused by the idea, putting the body into overdrive.

The mind works on the idea, a point of focus; without a focus it can cause further confusion and no activity or work done. But once there is a focus then mind, body and soul complex all work as one to complete any task.

Cellular activation is the middle stage and the final stage is when you complete the task.

If a person is tuned to the higher self then automatically the mind uses its own experience through all the reincarnations to complete the task. This could be the past, present and future.

Your mother; we remind you to complete a task; action is needed, which usually follows from the idea that houses in your mind.