OP203 - Consciously Confused


Hello Son,

Consciously Confused

When there are many things inside the mind and wanting to do something; then the mind cannot focus and swings between the things which you are thinking about. It starts prioritising and suggests which one to do first.

During these transitional processes there is some confusion as the logic mind decides what to do. However, this phase could last for some time, when the decision is not made. At the end a final decision must be made and action taken accordingly.

When the complete cycle of thought and final action is done then the mind can relax and focus on another chore or whatever you are thinking next.

Freeing the mind could be simply doing the action and getting it over and done with, then carrying on with your spiritual journey.

We remind you again dear light beings, if you have a lot on your mind then this can be extra baggage that you do not need; so lighten your burden and rid of it once and for all. Otherwise it will keep resurfacing in the back of the mind.

Many around the world are fasting and there will be moments when you will meet these people. We have already mentioned the virtues of fasting to cleanse and detoxify the body. This is at a material level for spiritual level, we certainly do recommend that you do.

Fasting rids the body of matter that is unused and kept as a back up for nutrition. When the energy is used up there is no matter in the body then energies freely flow from the higherself to the conscious. Communication is easier and the messages are also clear, depending on your focus and level of practice.

Whatever, you feel comfortable with your spiritual path, but we do advise you that you mix it up with reading and researching to meditation as well. The mind can easily lose focus as there are many distractions around the world at this time.

But remember the joys of life as the Creator has given you this life to live and find happiness. So it should be a burden to you. However, we do accept that situations and people's lives are difficult at this time. Be patient and believe in the changes to come.

Whenever there is further turmoil in the mind it is advisable to tap into your higher senses and be free from the world.

Your mother; the world is a maze but the higher realms is wisdom and order.