OP202 - Wisdom from your Inner Guidance


Hello Son,

Wisdom from your Inner Guidance

There is nothing the mind cannot do; it is a complete system to guide you through all the dimensions of existence. This connection with the higher self or God self is your link with the Divine Creator, where there is no doubt.

This connection is your life force, without this you will not exist for even a second. The spirit is the life force that feeds you through your soul’s journey.

This connection especially in this zone is to help and guide through all the negativity which is due to the gravity and matter present.

You may wonder why the Creator has sent his creation down to this challenging planet. This is because He wanted to be recognised and gave His wisdom to man, so that he may use his faculties from his connection to his spiritual self to learn and acknowledge his Creator.

Not only this as a reward he may use the Creator's wisdom and knowledge.

Shazi has for the last two years has focused on a theme, that is, Spiritual Psychology;  to help mankind learn and to acquaint himself to His source and higherself.

The words are filled with the energy of the Divine Creator, and by regularly reading the channelling and practicing meditation or contemplation others may awaken too. This awakening is different to all, depending on how much time is spent perfecting and tuning to the source.

This is the gift the Creator has given to Shazi for his dedication to help mankind.

Other channellers have different focus and is the reason why they are writing about other things, for instance, planetary energies to aliens. Remember it is all dependent upon one's focus and interest.

This conversation we are having is to help you to believe in yourselves and encourage others to do the same. We do accept that many will doubt their ability, but remember there are thousands who are doing the same.

We are encouraging two things; to meditate and to connect to your higherself. Others may suggest something else, but this is our main focus.

We advise you to read from the very beginning, it will educate the mind and help it to tune to the correct frequency. You should read through the work and believe.

But remember, enjoy life to the full and keep your thoughts pure and positive.

Our guidance is not to fill the pages with words, but give short and precise channellings to get the mind thinking and focus on the correct frequency. The mind will automatically do this without you consciously thinking about it.

This was for the many who are waking up and a reminder to our regular readers.

Your mother; your are all loved and cherished in the arms of the Lord Creator.