OP201 - The Ultimate Truth from your Higher self


Hello Son,

The Ultimate Truth from your Higher self

When God sent mankind down to this realm, he knew that guidance would be necessary as this zone is unstable.

This instability is physical, spiritual and emotional; this because we have lost our connection with the higher self. Without this mankind has relied on the lower vibrational senses that we possess, of touch, smell, hear, sight and taste.

As many thousands of years has gone by, mankind has lost all interest in learning and making this connection. But beloved light beings we remind you again, the Creator has made this easier than before by sponsoring everyone who practices the basic techniques of awakening.

We must realise the five senses that we possess are not suited for the higher dimensions and are limited in their capacity to learn. The scientists have even added that we only use at best 10% of the brain, yet have failed to acknowledge that 90% is the higher consciousness of the spiritual brain.

This becomes active in a sleep state during meditation.

However, even connecting with the higherself and listening to its guidance will help the quality of your life; especially when this year ascension is on the horizon.

The next channelling we will give an example of this.

Your mother; meditate before you sit down to channel.