OP199 - Creator’s Energy is Everywhere


Hello Son,

Creator’s Energy is Everywhere

Often we disassociate ourselves with people and look for differences; this is our ego mind making logic conscious decisions. If however, we look for common elements and similarities in people then harmony and love would be everywhere we look.

We do accept that negative minded people who cause disarray and mischief in the world need to an arms length or even path away. But we are regarding our own attitude and prejudices that stop our progress on the enlightened path.

We have read many times from different authors on how we should receive people and our own attitudes towards them.

Gladly many of you are looking beyond the veil of colour, religion and tribal groups to see the common kindness and love people have between each other.

However, you cannot receive this if we simply lock ourselves away from the world when it was the Creator who has ordained this lifestyle upon everyone. To live in cities and groups is essential to learn from our experiences from others.

Being spiritual or following a sacred path is not to lock yourself away from the world and most importantly people. It is your energies dear ones they are harnessing from you as your presence is feeding the atmosphere.

Go out communicate with people and see the world as the Creator’s energy is everywhere in people, items, and minerals and in all creation. We feed off each other and just by going out and enjoying people’s company we enjoy their conversation; as it energizes and rejuvenates the body.

Cleansing is essential and we suggest that you go out during the summer before the winter cold winds sets in.

Discover another world where life is also evolving in different energies in all creation.

Your mother; in creation lies the attributes of God which are constantly displayed as energy. This can be warmly received just by focusing.