OP198 - What do you Want me to Do?


Hello Son,

What do you Want me to Do?

There are many who are waking up for the first time and it is your wisdom and guidance they are reading; it will help them to build a good base and learn all the necessary foundations before their own ascension.

Some are still getting use to the terms and words never mind believing in the future outcome.

The Far East has led the way but there is an explosion of knowledge coming from the western world which will finish the journey for the rest of mankind. Your work is well received and many are beginning to notice.

I am aware I am repeating some of the guidance but it is necessary to break down the ego which is like a wall for some. By repeating over and over again the mind wakes up to the news and begins to tune to the words and finds the wisdom within them.

This is happening to people right now who read the work; it will also encourage them to open their own website and spread their own interpretation and wisdom.

The spiritual community needs to grow a tenfold before major changes can happen. This is because there is so much hatred and anger around the world due to dead end polices and the monetary system in some countries.

You have covered a variety of topics which I hope the readers will look through the whole website to read over and over again.

As people are looking in the same direction, wisdom and the next stage of guidance for them will come next. As long as they stay in the light, then ascension for these people will come soon.

Many who log into the website find peace in these words and energy, they do say your praise in their hearts, so keep channelling and let them share your wisdom to them.

Your mother; through the words energy will manifest to open your hearts and minds to the truth.