OP197 - Godself Speaks and Guides all who Listen


Hello Son,

Godself Speaks and Guides all who Listen

An athlete practices regularly to tone his skills. A person walking the path of enlightenment performs meditation to tune to his higher self to learn the art of wisdom.

Patience is the key to any part of learning together with dedication; it does not matter how many times you have read these words but they keep resurfacing everywhere you look. As this is the truth of any learning with belief.

There is no magic wand to save you or lift you up to the skies but your own determination. Action is what is needed and we will constantly remind you of this.

You have all mastered your own foundation but it's time you rise above this to a higher level.

School, religion and your own life have taught you to face life and learn from the experiences. You have all done that; now is the time to say good bye to the foundation and move to the higher plain of existence, like so many of you.

Know your talent and spread your own wisdom accordingly; often many people say that they are not sure, but all can start with spreading the truth through non violent means.

There is too much anarchy and chaos which is spreading further hatred around the world. Spread truth through peaceful means, this is higher spiritual way.

Do not let anger rule your life or let others lead you to this path. But spread positivity and love through your actions and deeds.

The words of the Creator will never cease until everyone on the planet heeds these words. The Creator of all living and non living wants all to stop the fighting wherever you are and spread peace around the world.

A million words each day is written about peace and love yet this is still not enough as many people are still needed to put this into action.

Everyone can do their part in this crusade.

If we learn through regular practice and tune to our Godself or higher consciousness then you will find the truth and wisdom of all knowledge. This has been given to all of mankind; the Creator does no discriminate, but constantly reminds you of this.

My dear beloved light beings you are the difference in this world.

Your mother; through peaceful actions the rest will listen and spread kindness back.