OP196 - You are making the Changes


Hello Son,

You are making the Changes at the Material and Psyche level

The collective consciousness of the planet is changing, wherever you look people are waking up in different ways. These changes are happening at the material and psyche or higher conscious level. Whether you are aware of this or not; this upgrade of consciousness is what we call ascension.

Some are having awakening through their experiences and research, whilst others are awaking through their own consciousness.

We remind you an again beloved light being, that how you conduct yourselves is essential for the well being of Mother Earth; as the energies and emotions also affects her.

Do wait for others to help you or rely on others to save you, as many are expecting this. The material world is governed through free will so you make the changes and be active. By doing so you are totally in command free from disappointment. Many people have good intentions, but in this climate of uncertainty often it is simply not possible.

You are all instinctly aware so use the higher conscious of you mind to guide you; just remember the basic rule or gut feeling. If it resonates with you then do follow this feeling; be not afraid of mistakes. Just follow another path until the outcome is what you are looking for.

Many people are still not working together, united you will stand; as you all share the same goal if others know. Trust people and do not be afraid to discuss spiritual or truthful things as it is written everywhere on the internet.

Everyone on the planet is feeling a change whether they believe or not.

Trust and be kind to yourself and find groups that share your own ideas.

Your mother; through yourselves change will happen.