OP195 - You are Creating a Wave


Hello Son,

You are Creating a Wave

As your emotions are settling down you are able to handle things a lot easier than before. This is your strength, your emotional strength. To accept that this is God’s Will and that there must be a reason to all what is happening.

As you let the events unfold before your eyes, let peace and harmony draw you in. You are a vessel of pure unpolluted energy that creates ripples of energy around where you live.

Your positive energy is having an effect in your area and you must believe in this; no matter what is happening around the world. Your presence is crucial at this time and wherever you go this positive energy will stay with you for others to feel and manifest inside of them.

As you continue to harmonise the energies through your patience and tolerance, the surroundings will too match your frequency. So stay in this vibration and ignore the negativity that is shown in the news each day.

We remind you again dear beloved light beings that a family or group of friends that share the same goal, leads to an increase of tenfold of energy. So meditate in groups whenever you can and send energy to the world for others to receive.

Your presence by simply being here at this time is having an effect. So put away the problems and believe this is only a part of this world. Remember to think of the bigger picture, in the higher dimensions of existence.

Be at ease and others will too be at ease. Your energy governs the energy where you live. It also has an effect on others, in the emotional state.

Your mother; there is hope in you and others need your energy to help them.