OP194 - Surrender to your Thoughts and Chattering


Hello Son,

Surrender to your Thoughts and Chattering

If you have an active lifestyle and hectic family life then the chattering will continue.

We remind you to master oneself is to master your own path of spirituality and enlightenment.

When thoughts become a burden they often drain all our energy away, leaving us drowsy and ill on some occasions.

Consider as a remedy to surrender to them and keep a distance; by this we mean be a spectator and listen yourself the thoughts and chattering that interfere in your progress.

At the same time do not regard them as a burden but distance yourself to the problem, like a bystander watching at the side.

When we do this we negate them quickly and partially dismiss the ownership of them.

My beloved light beings surrender your thoughts and start a new page of your life.

Your mother; wisdom comes through difficult experiences of life and insight often follows closely by.