OP192 - Experiencing Beyond


Hello Son,

Experiencing Beyond the Realm of the Material World

The senses that we possess of are used to experience the third dimensional existence of this planet; where through these experiences we make judgements and actions.

The deeper experience is the thought's processes of the mind as they too belong to this experience of the world. We must recognise and become aware of the difference when we meditate.

As we sit in silence negate the senses we have and rise above the material frequencies of the fourth dimensions. When this happens thoughts and feelings are left behind or nullified so that it does not interfere with your meditation.

However, if we continue to think and chatter in the mind during meditation then we have not left the frequencies of the world and still vibrating at our lower frequencies.

This we do accept is not easy when we have enormous responsibilities in this world; where we are constantly challenged and this causes stressful situations which we cannot switch off.

The mind in this case takes time to heal and continues to analyse and evaluate in the silence of our meditation. In this case it had not been given the opportunity to think things through, so it keeps on chattering away. We are then distracted and meditation becomes our haven for complaints and other problems.

Once we have understood the demands of our innerself then we can continue with our path of enlightenment. Often they could be basic things that need to be addressed; otherwise they will linger in the back of the mind.

A burden is a thought of weight that becomes a problem for the mind, body and soul complex; being able to relax quickly from a challenging situation will main the status quo of the body.

Understand the needs of yourself and try to satisfy them so that it will not negate your own experiences.

Mankind must realise that some things are beyond our control and only the Creator can take care of them. For instance, if a problem exists for years without being solved then it is something we have to live with. It is not easy to say this as this can cause many heartaches.
Then we have to build and learn around these problems and rise above them to get the best of you. The Creator in this case has the utmost respect for that person who has been in so much turmoil in his life yet has achieved so much and still lives in the world.

Every deed and actions you do will be rewarded and be given back.

Never think that the Lord has forgotten you, for He knows all things and the plight of all of us.

Understand yourself so that your silence can be achieved.

Your mother; be at peace and change atmosphere by simply being positive.