OP191 - As we wake up


Hello Son,

As we wake up we Become an expressive Being with mastery of oneself

Let me start by giving you an example; there was once an assistant manager of a shop and all he longed for was to become a manager. To be a manager and be in charge of a shop was all his aims in life.

This person had great innovative ideas and was upto date with current trends; many would assume that his CV was complete.

On many occasions he would apply for manager at the company only to be turned down. He would not understand why, but others could see clearly the reason.

His emotions and his ego would always get the better of him and he would inevitably upset someone with his temper; yet he was brilliant.

He had not mastered himself and was easily upset when he did not get his way. The story of his life continued after another ten years had gone by, by this time he had lost his over zealousness and he became mellow. He even gave up the idea of actually becoming a manager of one of the many shops the company had.

Those ten years were the best of his life as he abandoned his own goals and continued with the company. The people around him too warmed up to him and the working environment was positive, due to his presence.

The managing company during this time had never forgotten his aim in life and continued to watch him; when they called him in. He was immediately given the managers post where he was without a moments delay and the other manager was simply transferred which was his desire.

The moral of the story is to gain the trust and continued trust of the Divine Creator; firstly we need to trust ourselves. Be passionate without over balancing our emotions and others around us. By doing so we are educating and learning through out our life only to find that moment of happiness that the Lord wants us to experience.

Only then we can become the master of our self and recognise it was the ego that delayed our own success on the path of enlightenment. Life is full of experiences only to stop you and think things through so that you may understand.

By not judging others; and accepting them as a person who is following his own path in the world. Only then we can become free of the restraints of the ego that often misleads us to do something else.

As everyone becomes wise we will become more understanding and loving. Caring for the environment recognising one's own pursuit he will become master of himself.

The Creator will then call him, and be asked to join the many enlightened souls; to serve mankind and awaken others to the same cause.

Your mother; in delight I give you these words to encourage all that God has not forgotten you.