OP190 - After Death your Life Force and Consciousness


Hello Son,

After Death your Life Force and Consciousness will continue

When I was alive on several occasions I reminded you with these words to think about, ‘the bigger picture’; this was life after death.

The world we build our experiences to master ourselves and raise our vibrations above the material world frequencies; so that we can free from its side effects of emotional confusion it gives. When this happens we are free to communicate with our Godself and soul.

There are no extremes in emotions or physical weakness when we this happens; however, some will feel tired is because your energy levels were low when you started.

When often worry about what happens when we die or when our loved ones depart this world.

We should not be, because we only shed one dress of the body to decay away and put on another light body in the next journey of our soul.

The physical and emotional states will simply perish as this realm is about experiences in all states of the mind and body. They will leave behind to now form other experiences in the fourth, fifth dimensional realms.

So worrying about ourself or others need not be, as we will definitely meet them again, as we keep all our experiences in the conscious. This includes every person we have met along the way and our loved ones.

This life force we will keep in all of the dimensions as we are made of the Creators energy; and this never perishes so we will never perish too. The life force of the order of the Creator will continue to exist, learn and acquire knowledge to seek out the wisdom of the Divine God to recognise oneself. This appetite will never cease but only grow as you enter each realm of existence.

This often testing times on this world was only to reintegrate with ourselves to understand that we are the maters of ourself. To also understand that we are not alone and there are helpers I every corner of our existence to aid this journey forward.

This is era will go quickly as time is going faster and faster as our mind frequencies increase as ordained by your Lord Master.

Enjoy the ride and feel free to express out of yourselves to feed the happiness from your natural world.

Your mother; loved in all of cosmos and beyond; in your tiredness you keep working; we admire your stamina and courage.