OP189 - The Innerself is the Source of all Happiness


Hello Son,

The Innerself is the Source of all Happiness

There is a constant conveyor belt of material things that we supposedly need to have. This is shown in many commercials and adverts we see on a daily basis; telling you that this will ‘make you happy’ and that it is a labour saving device.

In some cases they may be, but they only give you a short time of enjoyment before we become bored and need something else to occupy our minds.

We can deduce that mankind in general relies heavily on material things even relationships as our long term source of happiness. Relying on others to do something or make us happy only works for a while.

Do we ever consider that looking inwards instead of outwards to find this happiness? This inner relationship has never been considered as a relationship of oneself, considering it never ever leaves our side.

We meditate to loom inwards to the heart yet we suggest that you may also keep this in mind, that this is the source of all things and happiness. Once this has been achieved then peace and harmony and the question of self gratification can be experienced.

The soul is your constant companion to rely upon as it will never misguide you when you are at a complete balance from your emotional state.

This leads one to trust in the messages we receive from our spirit and the Godself; and having this trust from a reliable source will give further progress along your spiritual path.

Your mother; in this we give an idea to materialise and manifest in all of you, who take heed.