OP188 - Gaining control of your Emotional Body


Hello Son,

Gaining control of your Emotional Body

You have the complete ownership of your body and its systems. These as you are aware can form time to time slow down and loose there strength. You may call this tiredness our fatigue; this is also dependent on how active you have been during your daily routines.

When this arises your emotional body too loses its balance and that too becomes fatigued.

Whatever, we do in our life from physical fitness to mental work; it has a direct link to our emotional body. In the time of stress we can lose just more than strength but complete energy and they will not go on.

There are plenty examples when this happens and we have seen this on dramas and films.

In other words our thought processes are crucial to the well being of our self. Not only this but the complete mind, body and soul complex. When one of these functions breaks down or is under stress then has a direct link to the rest of the body.

The emotional mind needs to be in control of its self and you have this control. But if one's life is not balanced then we need to make extra effort to do so.

The modern day life style is designed around home life and work, but it does not give any time for oneself to relax. You may say I do relax and sleep, but are you really relax and balanced?

We can easily sleep off a bad day but this only suppresses the thought only to resurface the next day or at a later date. Then one's emotional state goes into a chattering confusion in the mind.

Energy is lost, then we would need to recuperate once more; an endless cycle that needs to be addressed.

Making time to relax, but we say completely relax. When the mind, body and soul are balanced and free from any stress, then our own emotional body will be relaxed too.

We know too well when by watching a movie, how quickly our emotional swing can be, from sadness to elation, all in an hour. Then in this case it is how quickly you can come back into your balance.

Lead the lifestyles that give you control of your mind and emotional state; then you are able to make quality time for yourself. The world and material things will beckon you to come to them, but this is only short lived happiness.

The wealth of this world is having a control over your complete body. Make time to pursue your path, without anybody criticising along the way. Life can be enjoyable.

This was one aspect of thinking; we provide knowledge to you all.

Your mother; the answers of life and beyond lies in us all.