OP187 - Isolation on the Spiritual Path Part 2


Hello Son,

Isolation on the Spiritual Path Part 2

A different perspective is when the Creator is giving you space to sort things out in your mind. You will find that there is no one to talk to and wonder what is going on.

This is the time to remind yourself that you are the owner of your own mind, your own thought processes in every situation.

Finding a solution without the aid of anyone else is mastering oneself and needs to be addressed and practiced; but only you can go through this emotional state. These are the challenging moments you will find an inner strength that will grow through time.

The mind is a vessel that will support every thought, memory and experience; it is a library that holds visual, auditory and written sources of information. We also sometimes forget the keeper of every thought during our lifetime.

These periods of isolation are for you given by God to stop and think without any disturbance. We do accept that there could be a variety of reasons, but the main reason it is for you, is to recuperate and learn.

One's logical mind will argue differently but will keep the silence to find the true inspiration and meaning.

Without doubt our wisdom grows through every misfortune; we begin to reflect differently than before, we call this progress.

There is nothing more to add but be patient and let the cycle of thoughts take its turn. When this happens normality will return for a period of time. Then the smile will return.

You asked for wisdom in this channelling, bit I have given you something else, which only you know about. Your smile and isolation is no more, this is your reward for your continuous patience.

Your mother; everything will be forgotten as promised and written by my words.