OP186 - Isolation on the Spiritual Path Part 1


Hello Son,

Isolation on the Spiritual Path Part 1

It does not matter if you have a hectic timetable throughout the day and consume most of the time. When you walk down the spiritual path there will be moments of feeling completely isolated and alone. This could be weeks on end and even when you have been busy throughout the day.

Everyone from Prophets to Saints has been throughout this maze of confusion; where one's meaning of life and purpose can be completely lost in thought. Yet many wonder why it is at times this lonely emotion surface and resurface.

These are there to reflect on your spiritual journey.

A person learning and acquiring spiritual knowledge regularly updates his ideals and philosophies as his understanding increases. When this happens the Creator gives a person time to reflect and most of all rid the karma which is held in the mind.

This person would then carry on and again feel isolated, now he has to go through this process of evaluation and rid more trapped karma.

What he is actually doing is making space inside his consciousness; if we pause for a moment and think deeply of the meaning of these words.

How can someone learn anything when he is carrying so much baggage of a variety of emotions in their mind, which is holding him back each stage of his personal spiritual development.

Spiritual learning is about using the whole mind freely without any hindrance. The more empty one's mind is, the happier the learning environment will be. However, no one has been immune to this as we have so many personal issues one goes through. It is inevitable that on occasions we hold things closely to our chest; this is when they become a deep memory, waiting at a later date to resurface.

When this happens either talk about it or write something down and then consciously let go. It this is not possible then makes every extra effort to change the thought by doing something different.

Always remember that these moments of isolation are for you to let go and make way for greater things. You are all much loved in the arms of the Lord.

Your mother; there is hope in every path of learning and you have all made it possible.