OP185 - Painful memories of Past and Present


Hello Son,

Painful memories of Past and Present

Your thoughts can lead you to a scene in paradise or repeating a moment of heartache over and over again.

The memory is like a recording; it stores everything of the day and how we think; even in detail. These scenes are then played over and over again; often reprocessing at night when you are asleep. The brain starts storing all this information away.

When this happens it is replayed and it is the very reason we have mixed emotions from anger, happiness, excitement and love, all in a short space of time in rare occasions.

The mind is a processing and evaluation unit, churning and processing images and thoughts every second. It does not sleep but comes even more active when you go to sleep.

There are many who are feeling the effects of life experiences and need your support. Look around you and you can see the tension in their eyes. A kind word and a change of scenery is all that is needed; however we except that time is needed to heal wounds that go further deep into the mind.

When this is the case, it is like a wound that needs healing because it has caused so much pain. This wound depending on how deep it is takes time to heal, sometimes even years.

There are cases, for example in relationships and separation, the wounds go even further into the crevices of the mind and are simply trapped. We often play out these scenes over and over again so much is the pain.

My dear ones, if this is you, I am not going to tell you to forget, but try to make another start when you are ready. To analyse and move back time, is never going to happen. If you try to explain to yourself and go over what went wrong; if it helps you then do so. Often this gives further torment to the mind.

Out in the back of the mind, change the scenery or keep yourself busy. Sometimes when we are by ourself we have nothing to do, then we can over think things, when it is not necessary.

When our minds are in this state then trying to meditate, pray or contemplate is never going to be the same when your mind is free. It is wise in this occasion to take a break or even a holiday; you know what is best.

My much loved light beings never think that the Creator does not know of your plight; but he is helping you to rid these deep rooted memories. He has always been by your side and will continue to do so.

Let the past or present memories work its way out of your system, that way you will be satisfied.
It is often this satisfaction of the mind which is what's needed to let go.

Your mother; your pain is my pain, yet this will be forgotten when the light penetrates all through the body; when the conscious connects to the higher realms; when you fly with your soul. Pain will be no more and just a little reminder of the past that will eventually fade away.