OP184 - Being


Hello Son,


Through the emptiness of the mind lies a portal that transcends one to their higherself being the soul. The true you, the physical body is just a disposable dress, a garment to protect you from the gravity and matter in this world.

In every dimension you will travel, another garment or dress is given to protect you again from the dimensional changes. This is because we are not fully tuned to the outside frequency.

The being in you is more power than you can ever expect; it is the very reason that the negative forces have tried for thousands of years to keep the truth away from you. They know the power of connecting to your higher consciousness and tap into the spiritual knowledge.

When you do this you rise above their negative frequencies and see the truth, without the corruption of the mind that they are feeding the world. It is now your moment to rise above the matter frequencies to tap into the universal consciousness.

You forget that the consciousness is all linked to together and is called the collective consciousness of the universe. Dear ones we all tap into this phenomenal energy for a variety of things to learn and teach others.

Feel the energy feed you and encircle and cleanse the physical body. Now let it penetrate the body through the mind and dispersing to every corner of the body. You are now cleansed and freed the mind of all thoughts that are holding you back.

Your mother; let your mind rid the chattering that confuses and doubts the higherself; now purify the mind and cleanse you. Now you are free to be you.