OP182 - Your Steps


Hello Son,

Your Steps

The next six months will see an increase in understanding and the path of finding the truth. This insatiable appetite will increase and many will the plunge for the first time.

There will be tiredness as an acceleration of energy waves descend into the planet and it will take there toil on people, be patient and let them permeate and disperse around the body.

You will find a deeper understanding of things as your mind will open up further as the months go by; but only to those who follow their meditation practices; whilst others will see a gradual awakening.

Your steps that you follow govern your own beliefs and higher aspirations, so follow your own gut feeling. Trust this feeling and see where it will lead you. Many of you have been continuously on a searching path of information for a long while and will continue to learn this way.

There are many beloved light beings who are now sharing experiences in their dreams and meditations. This is crucial if the vibrations of the planet are to change to positivity.

There is need to cooperate fully with others in spreading the word and the ascension of mankind.

The higher self is waiting for your answers and beckons you all to join the higher consciousness of the planet; that you may enjoy the fruits of the Divine Creator.

Your mother; be bold in your steps and keep believing in the Divine plan for this world.