OP181 - Creative Power


Hello Son,

Creative Power Lies with your Higher Consciousness

When we think and need to make a judgement about ourself we use our logical mind and the higherself in most of our decisions. This is because we never were aware of this and were not told to learn how to.

Mankind does not realise that power and the greater part of our identity and wisdom is the higher consciousness.

Ideas, inspiration, instinct, cognitive functions of higher order all come from the higher aspects of oneself. Pure creative energy which is not biased or polluted comes from above the material world.

Often our own mind that doubts considerably and argues restricts this energy and creative power.

We remind you that making a regular link with your higherself for a period of time; the flood of information becomes stronger and a constant stream becomes fixed at a certain rate. It increases where there is a need and according to the Wisdom of the Divine Creator, who knows what is best at this time.

Your mother; creativity lies within the silence of the higher self.