OP180 - The Virtues of Fasting


Hello Son,

The Virtues of Fasting

The Muslim nations all around the world will be fasting during this month. But are you aware of its significance?

The first person to fast was Adam during his time in the Garden of Eden; when the Lord instructed him not to eat from the fruit of a tree. In other words, during the life of a person during a particular time he should refrain from eating certain types of foods for his health.

All religions and belief systems have been prescribed fasting in all of them, for spiritual growth.

Even in the time of Moses he instructed his people to eat a certain type of food and which he was told was better for his tribe.

Fasting is form of discipline of over indulging in food and at the same time to give the bowels a rest. The world is full of tasty morsels luring you to have a bite; but some are not necessarily good for your well being.

We are all aware when we become ill the whole body, from the emotional, physical and mental state all become ill together. Energy is lost and some occasions we cannot even get up.

The bodily functions, when respected and controlled, works efficiently well.

When we fast our conscious level rises above the level of matter and enters the higher levels of consciousness. The more we fast the more the tuning of these frequencies increases.

The connection with our soul is more refined and there is a silence that increases when we fast regularly. If we take religion out and focus on the benefits then it is advisable for all, who wish to follow the higher path to fast according to your needs and capabilities.

We often assume that fasting is a weakness and our logic mind will whisper words of the same things to you; convincing you that you will become ill for doing so.

We do accept that fasting does make some people medically unwell in which we do advise that you should not.

However, the ones who are fit and strong, and not taking any medication, should fast. according to you, you decide for how long, follow the guidance according to your own religion and beliefs.

During fasting we invite the blessings from the Lord and help us to harmonise and balance the frequencies within. We remind you that what we eat governs our bodily habits as food is converted to energy. It also effects how we feel. It has been documented in research that some people depending what they eat often become angry and agitated on certain foods; whilst eating a vegetables a person becomes passive and non aggressive and more loving.

For prolonged periods of time, the bodily functions become into balance and the natural harmony is achieved. This is vital for making a connection with your soul and higherself. What we eat only restricts this process and grounds all the energies to the material world.

Fasting makes communication easier and quicker; there is no hindrance as energies multiply.

You decide according to your bodily and spiritual needs.

Your mother; to be tolerant and abstain from things makes a person stronger spiritually; as he listens to the voices of his inner heart and wisdom.