OP179 - The Greater Part of You


Hello Son,

The Greater Part of You

When an athlete trains for a competition he does not look at fitness but the complete composition and how he works out. Most of the athletes competing at the highest level have a team behind them advising from fitness to nutrition; which you are all aware off.

You are this athlete and you need to be aware of yourselves to reach this sacred path that the Creator is suggesting you join. First of all you need to be aware that the greater part of you and the source of all inspiration is the soul. This is your strength and stamina, the energy that drives you forward is knowing how to communicate and listen to the soul.

When you sit in silence and tap into this flood of inspiration, outside noise becomes less and less. This is because your focus is on the words that is feeding your mind; due to the favour from the Lord, he has removed outside interference when you listen to your soul.

The higher self houses the information of all things that you see and hidden; but of all is a guide to how to live in these current times. Every message is unique to you and all messages are not the same for everyone. Your experiences and how you have lived in your life is different to another.

Many moments in your life when situations arouse there was silence and the soul communicated with you; but you thought it was chatter from the consciousness. This was because you were totally unaware of yourself and the greater part of you, the connection of the higherself and the soul.

We remind you that the soul houses all your memories, experiences through all of your reincarnations dating back thousands of years for some. It knows what is needed to guide you back to your higherself. These memories it uses to drive you forward; but this can only happen if we believe and are listening. Otherwise the messages will become blurred as we doubt and be negative in our life.

If we rise above the thinking of our emotions and think compassionately about each other and leave the judgement criticism behind, then the tuning of our greater part of ourself becomes easier and easier. The mind is less clustered and open to the frequencies which are available form the soul.

Your mother; recognise that greater wisdom of your reincarnation self lies with the connection with your higherself, which we call the soul.