OP178 - Merging into


Hello Son,

Merging into the Multi Layers of Consciousness

Man learns through experience; as he witnesses and goes through the actions, to understand what task he has done.

If a person wants to learn how to drive, he must learn the basics of the car and then actually drive the vehicle on the road. If he just reads about it, he has understood a minimal amount and he will not gain the full understanding of driving the car.

Once he gets inside the vehicle and starts to drive, he will build the experience. This experience over time will increase until he can call himself a good driver.

Until mankind begins to understand ourself and how we think, then he will understand the stages of consciousness of the mind. If we just use our minds as we have been doing to run our lives then we have only used approximately 10%; which is a very low amount. Yet this low percentage mankind has achieved a considerable amount in his life.

However, he is able to achieve further if he finds the hidden secrets from his consciousness.

We are finally finding this out for ourselves as many people around the world are making a connection with their higher consciousness.

They are aware of the multilayer’s of conscious’s that give knowledge. The more secrets are revealed the higher consciousness one is able to contact with. Thus within each conscious there are multi-layers or levels.

To receive the first layer we must first match its frequency by tuning our own frequency. We must also remember that each layer is light and we automatically manifest this light into our bodies.

The Creator knows the precise amount of energy that can tolerate in the body at a given time. The body needs to take time adjusting to this level before he is able to move onto the next level.

My beloved light beings you are now reaching this point where some of you understand and tuning into the multi-layers and levels of the conscious. Soon this will be a common event when many will channel and communicate with their higher self and other light beings.

This is a precise moment and only the Creator knows what is best at a given time. It is the very reason that many are awakening at different times and at different levels.

Your mother; through the insight of learning mankind will find his true self.