OP177 - The Emptiness Leads to Wisdom


Hello Son,

The Emptiness Leads to Wisdom of the Godself Conscious

Without the aid of the Creator, a person cannot even write a single word. He assumes that he has a vast library of information in his head and furthermore thinks he has learnt many things in his life.

Which in theory he has and many will argue the case; however, it is Creator that has provided the language that you read and write. It is He who holds your memories and every thought in the universal consciousness of the Kashic records. We assume man is thinking but it is the order of the spirit through the soul, that you are all able to do this task.

Every function from lifting your hand to thinking is done by the command of the Creator.

When we think, we enter the consciousness of our mind which is the doorway. In silence we wait until it is opened and the connection is made and the chattering and messages are transferred to the mind, which acts as a translator.

The first contact is made is when we are completely silent and in this silence we enter the higher levels of knowledge. The Godself is that consciousness.

My beloved beings of light there is nothing that is beyond you at this time; so take advantage of this glorious period and take the plunge in the deep waters of consciousness. Find the secrets so that when you will enter the fifth dimensional consciousness it will be not a shock to the system for you.

We have advised many occasions to educate the mind and reach the higher frequencies so that you are able to understand the higher wisdom of knowledge that your body can tolerate.

The more you require knowledge the lighter the body gets and the further the soul can travel in your dreams and meditation.

It is the burden of loaded dead weight of the material world that has filled the mind and there is no place in the psyche to accept any more knowledge.

Empty the mind and find the hidden passages through silence.

Your mother; the atmosphere and mentality must be suitable for you all; such that the consciousness can be fully activated.