OP176 - Fear vs Courage


Hello Son,

Fear vs Courage

In life we are faced with challenging moments that make us doubt or give us fear. When we are in this state and doing a job with this mental state; then we do not freely think things through. This is because fear and doubt restricts the flow of energy and creates a mental block.

Furthermore in this fearful state, the mind conflicts with the conscious and subconscious thoughts. One is unable to decipher the meaning as there is constant chattering; should I or should I just leave it? Pressure soon builds up and restricts the flow even further. When making judgements confidence is blown away and it will become increasingly difficult on some occasions to have it back.

Like an illness, fear has its own cycle of recovery depending on how fearful a person is. Then it could be a considerable time before normality is back.

When a person is confident and has no pressure then the opposite effect is felt. He becomes courageous and does not worry about getting things right or wrong; he has the confidence to carry out tasks not worrying about other people’s opinions.

There is no conflict between the conscious and subconscious; the mind is at peace and the person feels happy. In this state the person is able to use his higherself guide him through the task.

We have discussed briefly this topic, to put into light, that how mental states can have such an effect on our personality and confidence. Not only this but how we think as well. It can sometimes take days for a person to recover.

It is the very reason that spirituality and learning is all about the condition of the body and what mental state is he functioning at. Otherwise he will be doing something against his mental state then no progress can be made.

When a person is challenged and upset, he should try to negate the emotions; being silent and retreating to another place or doing something completely different will help to forget the incident.

Your mother; be at peace and recognise the roller coaster of emotions we face each day.