OP173 - We Die First and Rise again to Understand


Hello Son,

We Die First and Rise again to Understand

If you look back into your own awakening, you negated and acknowledged to the Lord that you knew nothing; all that you have learnt was nothing but it only left you confused. Furthermore, there was something missing in your life that you could not point out. You kept this thought for over four months and repeatedly asked the same question over and over again, pleading for guidance. Then that painful moment came.

Many of you are having dreams of dying and being alive again or being ill then getting better later on.

These are all signs from your soul that the old paradigm which houses in you is coming to an end and a new you or paradigm will rise up to replace the first. The mind too is ridding the old memories of the past that has misdirected you or have left you confused or angry.

This dying process is complete renewable energy to coincide with the ascension of the planet. Mother Earth's frequencies are too changing and the DNA strands within are coming into operation, which have started to become active again.

So do not worry about illnesses or death as most of these dreams are referring to this.

When we rise up again as most are going through this transition, we will begin with a new uncluttered mind and a fresh way to thinking about things. There will be less stress, as you come to terms with things very quickly. Giving and sharing and being positive will be the norm. Being relaxed will be a common thing as you will automatically avoid challenging moments and events that have made you ill from the past.

This is already happening all around the world, as you see with a new pair of eyes that can see through the veil of lies of the world.

The energies and the Divine Light of the Lord Creator are making events easy for most.

Your mother; stay in the light; live in happiness as the light continues to widen your horizons.