OP172 - Actions are louder than Words


Hello Son,

Actions are louder than Words

We have all heard or read this saying and it is indeed true. Without action the energies inside of you and the inspiration are not being used. The example of water that is stagnant becomes more polluted as their is no running water. The more we leave the water the more germs and disease will spread into it.

This analogy is the same for someone just coming up with ideas and not carrying them out. This could be the same said to someone who gives ideas and advice however does not carry them through to himself.

Learning and practicing go hand in hand, because there are needs to regularly replace the energies that are following in and out of you. These energies increase each time to open up the paradigms and portals that hold the ideas, insight and knowledge. When this happens inspiration usually follows.

However, if you just sit there then nothing is going to happen; a cup left on a table will remain there until it is removed.

An idea will only be an idea if you do not put it in action.

Your mother; reminding you to be active and cooperative with others to get your idea across and for them to fulfil.