OP171 - Follow your Conscience


Hello Son,

Follow your Conscience

Think back a year ago and the present time, pause and think. Now answer this question, how did you get to this site and read these words?

Now look back again and how do you feel, secure or insecure, happy or unhappy, satisfied or unsatisfied?

These are a sample of questions most are asking because it has been a whirl wind of change for you. What you know is nothing like a year ago; just look at the change all around the world and the wars that have happened.

A year ago a thought entered the mind and you wanted to find the truth of what exactly is happening; you may have even heard from a friend about the changes and spirituality. Then what you did was you acted upon the voice of your conscience and researched continuously to get here.

Are you satisfied with your guidance from your conscience or are you going to say, no, it was me who was curious that led me here.

These are valid questions, because now I am going to tell you that most of you are following your higher spiritual guidance. Even though you some of you may still doubt yourselves that it is your higher conscience that is guiding you.

To summarise you need to trust yourself more with your own ideas and follow their lead. You are being guided daily to do something or make a choice that will benefit you in the log run.

You are changing as we speak; the communication from your conscious to subconscious is happening daily, in silence you can hear it talk. Trust in this voice and see where it will lead.

Remember to practice the exercises we have been mentioning for the past year, in meditation.

This exploration and researching the truth is necessary for you to gain the belief that is needed to open with a different pair of eyes.

Do not doubt the work that you do to get here; it is truly remarkable considering all the challenges that many are going through.

Remember always you are indeed being guided and that you are making the right choices.

Your mother; every maze can be solved; it just depends upon where you start. A person's foundation must be strong to hold the weight and the power of the energy of Divine Knowledge.