OP170 - Every Moment is Precious


Hello Son,

Every Moment is Precious

It is time to take a break and enjoy each moment and evaluate the day and the week.

Relax and relax again, let the symptoms or stress and worry drain from your body and the soles of your feet. Now a regenerating energy which is all positive is going to enter the body from your head. Let it slowly work its way down to the chest, revitalising every cell into action. You feel alive and let its magic fill your mind with excitement and ideas for the day.

If it does not happen the first time then you need a quite place just to relax from the world.

Now that we are entering the holiday season and many have already started. It is time that you and your loved ones have a break too. Plan something as they have been waiting. Even for a short trip can make a lot of difference to mind; as a change of scenery gives the mind a rest from the chattering. So much energy is lost as a result.

However, if relaxing is reading then I would advise that this would be your holiday. If it resonates with your psyche then do it.

My beloved light beings we remind you that these moments are for you to enjoy the years to come and to alleviate the stress in everyone. The world with all the chaos in most countries is having a destabilising effect to the surroundings.

Do not read the news, if it is all bad and makes you upset. This transitional period will take its course and needs to be cleansed of the negativity in some of the countries.

Whilst this is happening maintain your composure and balance and stay on the path that will lead you to all truths.

Your mother; in the depth of the mind lies a key that needs to be unlocked. The holder of the key is you and the key is love, compassion and forgiveness.