OP169 - The Great Flood


Hello Son,

The Great Flood

Almost everyone is aware of Noah’s ark and the great flood that wiped out most of mankind.

Let me give you a different perspective and a reminder;

During that time Noah travelled the world not just once but several times; giving the message from the Creator. He was a steadfast person with principles and it was this very reason he was chosen as a Prophet.

When he travelled the world once going to major cites, he reminded people to be compassionate, caring and loving to each other and not to fornicate illicitly.

Wherever he went he noticed greed in the eyes and jealousy amongst themselves. There was immense competition between themselves and families. But most of all they did not believe in a God.

He was ridiculed in some places and often he would retreat to another area. Noah was determined to give the message to all of mankind, and often the Creator would come to his aid and console him.

The Creator asked Noah to leave to a safe area as the Lord was angry with some nations for not believing. The Lords plan was to rid those places completely, but Noah pleaded for mercy for the people.

The Creator loved Noah dearly and he was given more time to navigate around the world again and give the message.

By this time several hundred years had passed as each city he would visit he spent between twenty to thirty years. On some occasions he would spend as much as fifty years.

Noah not only spread the message but sat down with the people to educate them on how to sow the land and reap the harvest. He was a knowledgeable man and was able to settle dispute between families and tribes. Wherever he went people were immediately drawn to his wisdom and insight.

However, as soon as he left, the Word of the Lord was quickly forgotten. They simply did not understand and was easily led astray by rogue leaders who wanted to rule for themselves and would not accept other leaders.

Even behind Noah’s back they plotted and waited until he left before they announced their superiority over them and some would lie and use Noah’s name to give false messages.

By the second world visit even Noah was becoming disillusioned yet he pleaded for mankind to be saved from the lustre of possessions and children. Often wherever he visited, they just used him for their own purposes but Noah did not mind, he hoped that they would believe in the Lord. But deep inside, they plotted in their minds and laughed.

When the Lord saw what was happening and how wide spread the ignorance was; he commanded Noah to leave to a safe place and he later built the ark. The Lord also commanded do not plead for these people anymore they are not to be saved.

This modern era we have seen how the hoarding of material things can lead to internal and spiritual blindness; giving rise to ignorance and ego.  Negativity around the world has also been increasing for decades, and beliefs and values in the opposite direction.

We the Ascended Masters have been instructed to raise the positive energies all around the world. This can only be done with your cooperation and you all spreading truth and values to your friends and families; then educating yourself to be acquainted with all the spiritual knowledge available to you.

My dear fellow light beings your positive actions will cause a ripple through the ethers all around the world. The more who follow their own inner guidance the larger the wave will be.

Unlike the time of Noah when the population faced the wrath of the Lord; the Creator has heard the prayers of people who are suffering in all sorts of ways. He has lighted your burden by making it easier to learn.

This year is indeed a memorable and sacred year; the year of change. However, for some it may seem like the end of the world.

We are not here to discriminate but to guide you to make better decisions about yourselves and the people who you love. In all of this, the Creator is fully behind you and Loves you dearly.

He reminds you that it is through his mercy and compassion and the love for his creation that many are awakening during this period. He is your biggest admirer and sponsor.

Your mother; you are all teachers needed to spread the light of the Lord; you are special with different qualities and attributes. It is the very reason you have been chosen. May the love of the Creator fill into your hearts and ignite the wisdom within.