OP168 - Your Link with Me


Hello Son,

Your Link with Me

It is important to readers to understand my personal link with you.

Any person, who wishes to learn higher spiritual knowledge and the path of enlightenment, must have a main guide or sponsor. A person cannot learn anything never mind a single page from a book, without the aid of their spiritual master, guide or even guardian angels.

Every person has a guide but many live out their lives without knowing, as they have not made any contact with them. Many pray to their guardian angels but they are unable to tune into the frequency.

However, again this period, many barriers have been lifted to help mankind to establish contact with their focus. Deep learning and further progress can only be made from one's sponsor.

This is because direct light from the source would split open a mountain, so our role is to refine the message so that it can be tolerated and be understood from your own conscious mind.

This process is the same for everyone; just others have their own guides.  

Yes once the channel is open, other guides and masters can be contacted too, to further one's progress in learning; again the evidence can be found quite easily.

My link with you will continue well after this dimension and will be permanent and there is no doubt. I will continually guide and enrich your learning until the thirst is quenched; in your case it will be a long time, which is excellent.

Oh mankind find your guide so that learning can be easier, but be patient and not be frustrated; as this reduces the impact of learning.

Your mother; in the ethers of the cosmos your name is widely read by all the Ascended Masters and Prophets; your are not alone as they too inspire you each day.