OP167 - More Alive than Ever


Hello Son,

More Alive than Ever

There are numerous theories and out of body experiences of people; that there is life after death; am I not evidence of this and others who channell their own masters all around the word?

The subconscious mind is kept intact and it holds all of the memories within our life time. This never perishes but is carefully preserved by the cosmic ethers of the Godself or spirit. This we can call one's own identity.

The human body is just a dress we wear, to live out our life in this material density world.

Once we die this weight of a body quickly discards and the spirit freely flies off to the next dimensional world; This process has been going on since the beginning of man as read in all of the Holy Books.

I am more alive than ever as the material world was full of negative energies that hold people's progress back from the enlightened path. However, those like myself were able to rise above this dense negativity into the silence we call meditation.

In this realm I was able to communicate with higher beings to further my spiritual progress and was taught by Prophets Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Mohammed, Daniel, David and Jacob, to name a few and Adam and Eve about the time of creation.

The material world limits one's progress and is often a struggle to manifest energies as we are all stuck into work routines to make a living; So vital time was lost not learning the correct things.

This time era is a golden one to learn, as every effort by all of the fifteen Ascended Masters are overseeing this transformation of the galaxy. We should not doubt oneself in learning but be positive and make every effort to do so, with anyone we feel comfortable with as our teacher and guide.

If mankind can learn to understand their strengths and not focus on one's weaknesses; then he will be able to praise himself more and value others. The media and the controllers often ridicule the people when they should be praising them constantly.

But you know better and have become wiser as mankind enters the era of truth.
Death is not death, but only a transition to a better dimension that is exactly 40, 000 times greater, as this is the frequency of how much it increases from this dimension to the fourth.

Your mother; there is no confusing questions but the desire to know that fills your mind each day.