OP166 - Memories in Nature to Help in Remembering


Hello Son,

Memories in Nature to Help in Remembering

Scientists can have filming the auric field around the human body and examples in nature. This has been going on for quite sometime, some have been analysing the different colours shown in the film. Others have gone a step further and diagnosed the effects of emotions we have on this field.

In Nature scientists now believe that everything is alive. It is the very reason gardeners and naturalists feel nature’s presence when they walk in the forests. They feel something unusual as though there is a link which many cannot describe.

The Creator when he sent mankind down to this planet to live, did so in order for him to find his way back to the Divine. We commonly admit we are totally ignorant of one's past and the encounter with our Lord in creation; a memory that has been totally forgotten.

The Creator did not leave his creation totally blind, but left clues in nature for him to find his way back and recall memories that were first given to Adam.

The Creator is all compassionate and full of love and even in the chaos our minds He still smiles and inspires all to wake up from our mindful slumber.

A pebble, a grain of sand, a droplet of water, the tiniest of leaf, and a twig are examples of memories inherent in the cells. They are portals to a library of knowledge that records are kept for all of mankind to access.

Is anyone interested?

The Creator has left mankind the knowledge to make life pleasurable according to the cosmic energies rotating around the planet. His methods are open to all to learn and acquire, depending on one's focus. Some people have already communicated with their plants and even start learning from them.

Nature is our school and we are its students; and even our own life experiences are a method for further learning.

Branch out into the open and see with a different and more refined set of eyes.

Your mother; guiding those who wish to learn from creation.