OP164 - Waking the Compassion within


Hello Son,

Waking the Compassion within

In this world we have two forces and even an opposite counteracting force that balances the cosmic energies. Without this balance chaos would rule in the ethers of light.

The Creator has balanced energies to His formulae and exact measurement. There are no defects in His design but complete order in whatever He creates and manifests.

The Creator is full of love and compassion.

To wake this higher frequency wave we must practice this in our daily life. We can deduce that to look within, firstly we must learn to look out in our life to see the signs. This is because we have to satisfy ones chattering conscious and mind to rid the doubt.

We use our senses extensively to learn and communicate, once these are satisfied our intellilect is also satisfied. We can all appreciate it can be a constant battle to rid the mind of doubt when we are in this phase. But once we are satisfied the mind relaxes and the conscious mind moves into balance and listens.

Through practice in our external life, through regular interaction with others; we manifest this energy from contact with people. It is their energies we manifest inside of us. This is the reward from them for being kind and loving; even though we are totally unaware of this.

It is the very reason the Creator has mentioned repeatedly in all of the Holy Books, to learn from your life; this was also relayed by all of the Prophets and Saints.

We gladly accept that learning is part of experiences in one's life. So being compassionate, kind hearted and loving opens the higher aspects of this Divine attribute of the Creator.

In every step we do we have to be the example for others. Only people will listen when order is in the air and good conduct is followed. Through chaos learning can never take place as the mind is scattered with fear and confusement.

Be active in your personal lives and in the work place. You are the example people will follow.
Your mother; through the negating ego waves, rises the energy of love and compassion as a reward. Order in the cosmic energies will govern your life; instinct and intuition will follow next.