OP161 - Capturing Moments and ...


Hello Son,

Capturing the Moments and Seeing where it's Leading

There are no shortcuts to a solution of anything in life. Most things are achieved with dedicated sacrifice and being tuned to the surrounding, watching for the right signals to act upon.

When we see again the scenes in our life and how we conducted in certain moments, we can deduce that on occasions we were silently waiting for that moment to happen so that we could move forward. There was incredible resistant from our overworked mind when we were lost in our thoughts. Yet in that chattering we silenced them all to come to an answer and then we made progress.

An example fits every moment in our life, but the thinking and denying conflicts stutters even the die hard intellect. It is no wonder mankind has embraced the silence in meditation to rid the chatter.

There are no shortcuts to a path or a life; even in the place of work. Often it is hard work and perseverance and opportunities at the right time that we are able to walk a bit further on whatever path we are in.

If we close our senses and bluff our way into life we often bluff ourselves.

Be inspired and not sorrowful. As these moments when we stop and think are often now as routines are changing.

There is no wonder, but analysis and truth in the ethers of the cosmos; the appetite to know increases daily as the old paradigm is dissolving away and another new paradigm awakens.

You think that you are in a crossroad situation, but no. The path is hidden until you can see further in depth than ever before.

Silence is the key in your meditation that will open the depth of your learning. Listen to all the signs in the outer world as you learn how to seek in the inner world.

They fit in harmony and be awake for signs in your lives.

Your mother; capturing this moment, so that you can see in depth, the words and their meaning.