OP163 - The Deep Psyche


Hello Son,

The Deep Psyche

The first step is the motivation that drives the conscious into action; then the subconscious acts, the soul guides and the spirit feeds the messages and truth to all the filters.

We learn in various stages; surface learning we only learn for the moment and is not in depth learning. Once we ask questions and begin to analyse, the subconscious is involved and reads the Kashic records to send down to your conscious mind.

Now we can say we have learnt something that we can remember. The depth in thinking and the prolonged time we give to a problem, the more refined and tuned our messages become.

The conflict in the mind subsides and the connection is not a connection but a stream of information guiding the one that needs guiding.

You asked for this information and you are able to channell further the answers. If you were able to sit for hours and weeks, more truths will be revealed. Learning in the material world is the same; how much time you spend on your subject governs the success and results.

Once a person enters the deep psyche or the subconsciousness and silences the doubt, he begins to capture moments, signs and messages from all his senses. He is able to feel and instinctively think intuitively. His direction is not a direction but a perfect path. He is not lost but found and walks in comfort in the darkness that is lit.

We cannot learn everything from one sitting as knowledge and truth are too vast. But giving quality time to ourselves some answers can be found.

Belief is the start and being in the right environment also helps.

But a person can find peacefulness and harmony in the chaotic hectic life he leads because he knows how to silence himself at the right time.

Your mother; you wanted to learn and the Divine Source is guiding your way; your are indeed illuminating your own path.