OP162 - Visions have Meaning


Hello Son,

Visions have Meaning

As we approach the middle of 2012, wave upon waves of energies from the Divine source and to people all around the world. These energies are waking the subconscious into action in our dreams.

For some every time they sleep a vision or dream they can see. The soul is working overtime as a connection is made to guide you in these scenes and images you see.

They have deep meaning in the now state or the future state you are in; they are messages that need to be interpreted and there meanings found.

Guidance is there and the soul is playing an active part in your inner awakening. We can no longer ignore these signs from the spirit, as you yourself have asked for guidance.

They are showing your mental state and the way forward for each task, situation and path forward.

So take heed, but do not be afraid, the soul is here to help.

Your mother; find the truth in your visions and dreams.