Opening Part 5

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Title Created Date
OP161 - Capturing Moments and ... 14-Jul-2012
OP162 - Visions have Meaning 14-Jul-2012
OP163 - The Deep Psyche 14-Jul-2012
OP164 - Waking the Compassion within 15-Jul-2012
OP165 - Practicing Generosity Awakens the Heart 15-Jul-2012
OP166 - Memories in Nature to Help in Remembering 15-Jul-2012
OP167 - More Alive than Ever 15-Jul-2012
OP168 - Your Link with Me 15-Jul-2012
OP169 - The Great Flood 16-Jul-2012
OP170 - Every Moment is Precious 17-Jul-2012
OP171 - Follow your Conscience 17-Jul-2012
OP172 - Actions are louder than Words 17-Jul-2012
OP173 - We Die First and Rise again to Understand 17-Jul-2012
OP174 - A new Insight and Idea 17-Jul-2012
OP175 - Conversations with the Godself 18-Jul-2012
OP176 - Fear vs Courage 18-Jul-2012
OP177 - The Emptiness Leads to Wisdom 19-Jul-2012
OP178 - Merging into 19-Jul-2012
OP179 - The Greater Part of You 20-Jul-2012
OP180 - The Virtues of Fasting 20-Jul-2012
OP181 - Creative Power 20-Jul-2012
OP182 - Your Steps 21-Jul-2012
OP183 - Live in the Meditative Awareness 21-Jul-2012
OP184 - Being 21-Jul-2012
OP185 - Painful memories of Past and Present 22-Jul-2012
OP186 - Isolation on the Spiritual Path Part 1 22-Jul-2012
OP187 - Isolation on the Spiritual Path Part 2 22-Jul-2012
OP188 - Gaining control of your Emotional Body 23-Jul-2012
OP189 - The Innerself is the Source of all Happiness 23-Jul-2012
OP190 - After Death your Life Force and Consciousness 23-Jul-2012
OP191 - As we wake up 23-Jul-2012
OP192 - Experiencing Beyond 24-Jul-2012
OP193 - Practice for Manifesting 24-Jul-2012
OP194 - Surrender to your Thoughts and Chattering 24-Jul-2012
OP195 - You are Creating a Wave 25-Jul-2012
OP196 - You are making the Changes 25-Jul-2012
OP197 - Godself Speaks and Guides all who Listen 25-Jul-2012
OP198 - What do you Want me to Do? 25-Jul-2012
OP199 - Creator’s Energy is Everywhere 26-Jul-2012
OP200 - Releasing all Attachments of the Mind 26-Jul-2012