OP157 - Tapping into the Collective Conscious


Hello Son,

Tapping into the Collective Conscious

Higher spiritual beings are those who in silence are able to tap into the collective consciousness of the planet and any point of focus.

Mankind does not regard himself in this category; if only he knew. Many people all around the world and many of you are doing this regularly; yet you do not praise enough yourself.

It is only time when through regular practice that messages will freely move into your own consciousness; so that you may too learn what others are doing at this time.

Some have tapped into higher spiritual beings like Prophets and Ascended Masters to ask for guidance.

Others have made a connection through their meditation practices and see images which are messages.

It is suggested that you all have a personal goal for something to aim at. Your mind through your own will power will align its own energy. Through further dedication this tuning will become stronger; and you will find yourself physically and mentally changing. Your own personal routines and habits will also be affected for the good.

Many are asking about the future; however at this time personal spiritual development is the most important task for everyone. It is the positive approach to life that will govern the future through your own thoughts, as life is built around our own consciousness.

If our minds are polluted then there will simply be no change on our behalf and we have the same difficult routines that left us drained and frustrated. If we make necessary changes then we should expect a rapid change in our life for the good. A future built around happiness and prosperity, if this is your desire.

Oh mankind be not be concerned and focus on yourself as you are making the difference and changes. Just reading these words and of others the changes are happening. So believe and make a greater effort.

You have all done so well to find the needs to fulfil the emptiness of the mind, soon energies will multiply to fill this void. Be assured.

Your mother; in the depth of the emptiness of the mind a spark is now turning into a beam of light; which will in turn change into a pool. You are alive and freely move into the ethers of collective consciousness.