OP156 - Developing Faster


Hello Son,

Developing Faster

In science, like poles of energy attract; when we use our heart energies we attract people of the same energy. This becomes faster when we meditate regularly and think with the heart.

There are so many communities which work and share ideas together because they share the same philosophies and purpose; or even just making company and have some fun.

When we consciously make an effort to develop our personal self; our polarity of the energy field surrounding the body changes; it becomes highly refined. When we in this condition other people without their knowing become drawn out of curiosity to that person.

There are two forms; often people are attracted to people through looks and personality, whilst others are drawn to their energy. Some people feel this energy and vibration. They instinctly want to know and listen to what they say.

When people communicate they are compelled to listen and an instant connection is made which resonates with our being and personality.

Meditation not only tunes and refines the connection with our higher self, but rejuvenates and cleanses our human energy field. It is necessary for health that we do this regularly to rid of pollution in the field.

When we make this into a regular routine then one's surrounding atmosphere becomes pure; then we begin to attract other higher beings from the spiritual being, depending on how we have tuned our selves to which frequency.

The heart is the main engine of the body and it is the key role to developing the higher self. It also holds the key to universal and all cosmic knowledge.

Your mother; cleanse yourselves regularly and asked to be healed from your inner self.