OP154 - Make Space in the Mind


Hello Son,

Make Space in the Mind

Traditions, religion, upbringing, education and surroundings make the identity of a person as though his mind is set for the future. We actually say this when we rear our children and guide them through education. There is nothing wrong with this, but there is something that we have all forgotten. That is, we are only advisers and not enforcers for our children and the people we are in charge of; but there is an exception, when a person is confused then there is no enforcement than giving solid advice.

With this entire package in our head, how can a person make space in his mind for new ideas? But we say, ‘but we meant no harm, we did give advice’.

It is not easy rearing children, and I too as a young parent found it difficult to what advice or even point the direction that would make them think for themselves.

Mankind is carrying so much weight in his mind that there is no room for expansion of new ideas, especially these sacred times, when we require all to stand up and face the truth and except the wisdom of God as the supreme Creator of all things.

Letting go of old foundations that has made you as a person is not easy;

It is because we say that we are letting go, rather than updating new ones.

Accepting and negating oneself is about progress in the path of enlightenment in the path of spirituality. As soon as we acknowledge this we make space in our mind to think and ignite the spark to inspire us forward.

We are telling the Creator, we accept you as our supreme leader in all matters and you and only you know the best for us. We cannot without the help of our higher consciousness think clearly without others interfering and giving biased thoughts.

What one should do is something really simple, that is, accept new ideas and concepts that enrich and give you food for thought. This will make everyone feel good inside and raise a smile. This is progress, not falling down in your own path.

We readily accept any news on the TV but when we start reading something different we get all confused and start doubting.

You who are all reading these words, can make the changes to make progress and letting go of differences that has added weight inside your head.

So let go and make space inside your mind.

Your mother; willing you all the jewels in life you all deserve.