OP153 - Prayer is Communication


Hello Son,

Prayer is Communication

we ask, we plead, we demand, we beg but where do our prayers all go? Or is it a thought, ‘right I have said my prayers and that is it’.

We have found the way to pray, by memorising words from holy books and regurgitating them, without the essence behind them.

When we do say something or ask the Creator for something there is no answer, unfortunately we have to wait until circumstances change. This is the same for 99.9% of the population in this world.

When we talk to someone and they reply, this is called communication, we do this every day of our lives. Now try talking to a wall, will it reply to you? ‘Of course not’. This is the same for when you pray and there is no response. It is only the mercy of the Creator, He answers our prayers. But we are constantly in the dark, waiting and hoping that our prayers will be answered.

A prayer comes from the heart not memorised and not knowing even the meaning of the words. As centuries have past and still people say the same things over and over again.  

Do or say something different and that you know the meaning of.  

If you say a prayer and do not know the meaning, what impression are you giving to God who you are asking?  

Think before you take any action and ask in your own language so that you may understand. But the most important thing is to make a connection through your higher consciousness so that you know what is going on.

I will give you a prayer, to say.

Your mother; who is aware of the needs, to spark the inspiration within.