OP150 - Heart Beat


Hello Son,

Heart Beat

In your meditations concentrate on your heart and listen to its beat. Now take a deep breath and exhale. Keep this cycle going until the heart is beating at a calm rate.

Remember to relax and say to yourself that you are calm, over and over again; or say anything so that you are at peace.

Now concentrate on your thoughts let them chatter away and finish their analysing. Now think of a beautiful garden and you are amongst the flowers and enjoying their scent. If you have a favourite scene then you may stick to it and carry on with your meditation.

At the same time make sure your heart rate is relaxed.

In our lives there is a greater need to get away from daily grinding routines that make everyone mentally and physically tired. Man is not designed to work continuously with enormous pressure as he will rebel or break down. In a lot of cases frustration and anger usually follow and this is a natural sign to take a break and relax.

It is this basic advice that is much needed for mental peace and not running around chasing material things that shatter our hopes regularly.

Without a spiritual thought or a Divine presence in one's heart and mind, a person starts his day without His blessing. The Creator Has enormous energy and power to share with everyone. His greatest power is knowledge which he can manifest into us all to ignite our wisdom.

Oh mankind do not break your link or take the Lord as an after thought or a pastime; for He rules the lands and all the universes combined. There is no other for His wisdom is not like any other, for He is our protector.

Your mother; these new energies require you all to focus within regularly.