OP149 - Cherishing and Nurturing Awakens Abilities


Hello Son,

Cherishing and Nurturing Awakens Abilities

Those who have been reading regularly have realised the foundation of the light of God is the attribute of love. This is the most powerful manifestation vibration and every other light branch of this Divine light.

The Creator has carefully planned this planet with this energy in mind and has left many examples around the world and in our personal lives.

Love comes in many forms and in different ways in our lives.

When we start looking after things, cherishing or nurturing our own children, we awaken these attributes. Only when we have experienced love, we can fully understand the love the Creator has with all of his Creation.

This energy expands the emotional mind and into action. Restlessness and negativity is quickly forgotten; this is because it is a pure energy full of positive vibes.

The heart then opens and every cell in the body comes into life.