OP148 - Finding your Peace again


Hello Son,

Finding your Peace again

Often we lose our way as the material world and other people distract you from your own path of harmony.

The world is full of distractions that conflicts with your own personal energy levels and knocking them into an imbalance that stays for a period of time. When this happens it is time to stop what we are doing and take this as a priority to heal oneself.

We often are too brave and get along with problems and try to bear it. Some cases it is wise to put the memory in the back of the mind, but this is easily said and in principle is quite challenging to do so.

Understanding our worries and burdens is a step to making peace and harmony for the mind, body and soul complex. In other words we are making peace within ourselves and finally healing the wounds ready to move on.

A person who travels through a journey and stops and stutters his way; is a journey filled with troubles and further challenges on the way. He is simply carrying too much weight which further builds up along his journey.

When he started his journey he was burdened from the start, but he thought he could travel all the way. Often there is a point when it becomes too heavy and he needs to stop and rest, and lighten the burden or even better, get rid of it.

We have all been in this predicament and everyone on the planet has had to sort themselves out to clear their heads.

Today is that day and the Creator is inviting you all to do so with his help.

Your mother; a day of intense cleansing and manifesting of light and love within the body to rid of old and trapped karma. You are much loved.